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TrackData Property

Magnetic stripe data read off the card.


public string TrackData { get; set; }
Public Property TrackData As String

Default Value



This property may be set with the magnetic stripe read off the back of a card using any commercially available card reader. You may set this property with either Track1 or Track2 data. If TrackData is set, the values contained in CardNumber, CardExpMonth, and CardExpYear are ignored when calling ValidateCard. Instead, these properties are parsed out of the track data. This allows you to easily retrieve the expiration date and card number from either Track1 or Track2 data. For instance:

CardValidator1.TrackData = "4012000033330026=09121015432112345678"

The CardNumber, CardExpMonth, and CardExpYear will now contain the values parsed from the track data. TrackType will also indicate whether the TrackData is Track1 or Track2 (in this case, it's Track2 data).

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