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CardType Property

Indicates the results of the Luhn Digit Check algorithm.


public GlobalcardvalidatorCardTypes CardType { get; }

enum GlobalcardvalidatorCardTypes { vctUnknown, vctVisa, vctMasterCard, vctAmex, vctDiscover, vctDiners, vctJCB, vctBankCard, vctVisaElectron, vctSolo, vctSwitch, vctMaestro, vctCUP, vctLaser, vctVisaPurchase, vctMCardPurchase, vctTempoPayments }
Public ReadOnly Property CardType As GlobalcardvalidatorCardTypes

Enum GlobalcardvalidatorCardTypes vctUnknown vctVisa vctMasterCard vctAmex vctDiscover vctDiners vctJCB vctBankCard vctVisaElectron vctSolo vctSwitch vctMaestro vctCUP vctLaser vctVisaPurchase vctMCardPurchase vctTempoPayments End Enum

Default Value



This property is filled after a call to the ValidateCard method. Allowable values include:

ctUnknown (0) The component could not determine the type of the card based on the CardNumber prefix and length.
vctVisa (1) Visa card.
vctMasterCard (2) MasterCard card.
vctAmex (3) American Express card.
vctDiscover (4) Discover Card
vctDiners (5) Diner's Club card (Carte Blanche, International, or enRoute - the CardTypeDescription will contain the full name).
vctJCB (6) Japan Credit Bureau card.
vctBankCard (7) Australian shared brand credit card (no longer in circulation).
vctVisaElectron (8) International Visa debit card (not available in US or Canada).
vctSolo (9) UK-based debit card, similar to the Visa Electron card.
vctSwitch (10) Another UK-based debit card. Sister to the Solo card.
vctMaestro (11) International debit card (owned and operated by MasterCard).
vctCUP (12) China Union Pay - China's only credit card organization.
vctLaser (13) Primary debit card used in Ireland.
vctVisaPurchase (14) Visa Purchasing Card.
vctMCardPurchase (15)MasterCard Purchasing Card.
vctTempoPayments (16)Tempo Payments Card (debit).
vctFlexCache (17) Chase Paymentech FlexCache Stored Value Cards.

Note that this integer value is computed by the component, the actual value returned from the Global Transport Server will be contained in CardTypeDescription.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

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