4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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IsCommercialCard Method

Indicates whether or not the CardNumber is for a commercial/purchasing card.


public bool IsCommercialCard();
Public Function IsCommercialCard() As Boolean


This method queries the Global Payments servers as to whether or not the credit card number specified by CardNumber is a commercial card. The Global Payments server compares the card prefix against the latest BIN ranges to determine this. However, please note that due to the dynamic nature of card BIN ranges, not all Commercial/Purchasing cards can be determined by this method. Developers should keep this in mind when designing applications.

The CardNumber is the only property required for this method. If the CardNumber does fall within a Commercial or Purchasing card BIN range, the IsCommercialCard method will return True. If it is not - or if the transaction fails, this method will return False.

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