4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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EncryptedPIN Property

DUKPT DES encrypted pin block, retrieved from a PIN pad.


public string EncryptedPIN { get; set; }
Public Property EncryptedPIN As String

Default Value



A 16-byte encrypted PIN and associated KSN (Key Serial/Sequence Number) are required for all debit Sale and Refund transactions. These values must be retrieved from a certified DUKPT DES pin pad device.

Debit transactions are only supported for Retail merchants, and only for Card Present transactions. If you set the UserId to an ID associated with a Direct Marketing or E-Commerce merchant account, or otherwise attempt a card-not-present transaction, the component throws an exception.

  component.UserId = "4dpayments_retail";
  component.Password = "Passw0rd";  
  component.Card = new GlobalCard("9999999800002773=05121015432112345678");
  component.TransactionAmount = "25.00";
  component.EncryptedPIN = "623F36B53CC18393";
  component.KSN = "000000008F000021";
  component.CashBack = "5.00";

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