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BenefitType Property

Indicates whether the EBT card is a Food Stamps card or Cash Benefits card.


public GlobalbenefitBenefitTypes BenefitType { get; set; }

enum GlobalbenefitBenefitTypes { btCashBenefits, btFoodStamps }
Public Property BenefitType As GlobalbenefitBenefitTypes

Enum GlobalbenefitBenefitTypes btCashBenefits btFoodStamps End Enum

Default Value



Available Benefit Types include:

btCashBenefits (0)Cash benefits card. May be used like a debit card, and the customer may receive cash back. However, Refund transactions are not supported.
btFoodStamps (1)Food Stamps card. Works like a debit card, but the customer may not purchase non-food related items (including alcohol), or receive cash back.

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