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Sale Method

Submits a sale transaction for an Electronic Benefits (EBT) card.


public void Sale();
Public Sub Sale()


EBT sale transactions are similar to Debit card transactions in that they are real-time and require an EncryptedPIN and KSN. EBT cards are connected to either a Food Stamp account or a Cash Benefit account, or both. Like debit transactions, EBT transactions also must use track2 data read from the card's magnetic stripe - track1 data is not acceptable. Food stamp transactions MAY be manually keyed, but cash benefit transactions may NOT be manually keyed. The BenefitType property indicates whether the sale acts on a Food Stamp or Cash Benefit account.

This transaction is automatically added to the current open batch, and will be settled after the current batch is released with the GlobalBatchMgr component.

The EBT card is specified by the Card property. Both swiped and manual-entry are supported.

The Code and Text fields indicate whether this transaction was successful. For example:

Swiped Cash Benefits transaction with cash back:

component.Card = new GlobalCard("9999999800002773=09121015432112345678");
component.EncryptedPIN = "623F36B53CC18393";
component.KSN = "000000008F000021";
component.BenefitType = btCashBenefits;
component.TransactionAmount = "25.00"; //$20 purchase with $5 cash back  
component.CashBack = "5.00";

Manually-keyed Food Stamp transaction:

component.Card = new GlobalCard("9999999800002773", 12, 2015);
component.EncryptedPIN = "623F36B53CC18393";
component.KSN = "000000008F000021";
component.BenefitType = btFoodStamps;
component.TransactionAmount = "25.00";  //Cash back not supported for food stamps!

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