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Refund Method

Submits a food stamp credit transaction, returning funds to an EBT card.


public void Refund(string PNRef);
Public Sub Refund(ByVal PNRef As String)


EBT credit (return) transactions are similar to debit credits in that they are real-time -- Funds are immediately added back to the customer's food stamp account, instead of the funds transfer taking place several days after settlement. EBT credits may use track2 data read from the card's magnetic stripe, or be manually keyed. Track1 data is not acceptable. The customer is required to enter enter their PIN into a certified PIN Pad device, and both an EncryptedPIN and KSN are returned from the pad to the merchant, and must be submitted in the Credit/Refund transaction.

Note that credits are only supported for the food stamp BenefitType. Attempting to send a Refund when the BenefitType is set to Cash Benefits will result in an error.

This transaction is automatically added to the current open batch, and will be settled after the current batch is released with the GlobalBatchMgr component.

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