4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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BatchInquiry Method

Retrieves the current state of the open batch.


public void BatchInquiry();
Public Sub BatchInquiry()


A batch inquiry will provide the host batch totals to the Point Of Sale (POS). If the POS and the Host are out of balance, discrepancies can be corrected (using the virtual terminal or GlobalTransactionSearch component) prior to the batch being captured. A batch inquiry will not release the batch for settlement. Use the CaptureAll method or Global Payments' online merchant interface to settle the batch.

The results of a batch inquiry will be returned in the BatchResponse property, and transaction totals will be contained in the CreditTransactions, DebitTransactions, BenefitTransactions, and CheckTransactions properties. To inquire about the most recent closed batch (instead of the current open batch), set the InquiryType property to itPreviousBatch.

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