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BatchSequenceNumber Property

Starting sequence number for the transactions in this batch.


public string BatchSequenceNumber { get; set; }
Public Property BatchSequenceNumber As String

Default Value



A batch settlement is made up of many separate transaction packets. The component creates these packets and posts them one-by-one to the Datawire VXN, where they are then routed to the FDMS payment processor. Each of these packets sent to Datawire must contain a unique 7 digit transaction sequence identifier. This property should contain the beginning sequence number, which the component will increment for each individual data payload sent in the batch settlement. The component will pad the entered value with trailing zeros as needed and restart at 0 when the maximum transaction sequence identifier is reached.

To retrieve the last transaction sequence identifier used by the component in the batch settlement you need to read the value of BatchSequenceNumber after SendSettlement method is called.

  FDMSSettle.BatchSequenceNumber = "1234"; 
  FDMSSettle.DetailRecords.Add(new FDMSRecordType(FDMSEcommerce.GetDetailAggregate()));
  // retrieve the last transaction sequence identifier used in batch settlement 
  // increment it and use in the consecutive transaction to First Data
  String lastUsedTranNum = FDMSSettle.BatchSequenceNumber;     'this returns the last transaction sequence identifier used in batch settlement.  

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