4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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AuthorizedAmount Property

Authorized Amount from the original response.


public string AuthorizedAmount { get; set; }
Public Property AuthorizedAmount As String

Default Value



This property should be set with the actual authorized amount from the transaction you wish to reverse. If the transaction was partially authorized (Response.AuthorizedAmount was present in the response, and different than the original TransactionAmount), then this property should be set to the AuthorizedAmount returned in the original response. Otherwise it should be set to the original TransactionAmount.

If the original transaction was partially authorized, you cannot do a partial reversal. Partially authorized transactions must be fully reversed (meaning SettlementAmount must be set to "0").

In the case of reversing a transaction containing incremental authorizations, this property should be set to the first (initial) authorization amount. The TotalAuthorizedAmount config should then be set to the total authorization amount (first authorization plus all incremental authorizations).

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