4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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URL Property

Location of the Datawire server to which transactions are sent.


public string URL { get; set; }
Public Property URL As String

Default Value



This URL is used by the Register and Activate methods to provision the merchant. The following URLs are available for use:

https://support.datawire.net/production_expresso/SRS.doThis is the default production URL, and is used to provision a merchant on the FDMS North/Cardnet platform. The North/Cardnet platform is for making credit card transactions.
https://support.datawire.net/nocportal/SRS.doProduction server for provisioning a merchant on the FDMS ValueLink Closed Loop Gift Card system. A merchant registered with this URL may only make transactions using the FDMSGiftCard component.
https://stagingsupport.datawire.net/staging_expresso/SRS.doTest server, used for provisioning a merchant in a testing environment. A merchant registered and activated on the test system will receive test (staging) URLs in the PrimaryDiscoveryURL and SecondaryDiscoveryURL, as well as in the ServiceProviders collection. These servers may be used by the merchant for credit card testing and certification purposes (but not gift cards).
https://stagingsupport.datawire.net/nocportal/SRS.doThis is a test server for provisioning a merchant on the FDMS ValueLink Closed Loop Gift Card system. Once provisioned, the MerchantNumber/MerchantTerminalNumber/DatawireId combination may only be used to make test transactions with the FDMSGiftCard component.

For the Rapid Connect platform, URL will be populated after a successful ServiceDiscovery request.

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