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DatawireStatus Property

Status of the communication with Datawire.


public string DatawireStatus { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property DatawireStatus As String

Default Value



When a registration transaction has been successfully processed by the Datawire VXN, the DatawireStatus will be "OK" and the DatawireReturnCode will be "000". The following is a list of possible Datawire response status codes:

OKTransaction has successfully passed through the Datawire system to the FDMS Payment processor and back.
AuthenticationErrorDatawireId in the request was not successfully authenticated.
UnknownServiceIDServiceId part of the URL (in the Service Discovery or Ping request) is unknown.
WrongSessionContextThe SessionContext element of the Session Transaction request does not match the SessionContext returned by the InitiateSession response (applicable to the FDMSSettle component).
AccessDeniedGenerally, occurs when you try to register a merchant after a merchant has already been activated to use the Datawire VXN.
FailedYour Merchant Registration has failed. Contact tech.support@datawire.net for more information.
RetryRegistration is not yet complete. You must send the Registration request again.
TimeoutNo response from the Service Provider was received during the expected period of time.
XMLErrorRequest contains some XML error, such as malformed XML, violation of this DTD, etc.
OtherErrorUnspecified error occurred.

This property is read-only.

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