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DatawireReturnCode Property

Contains an error code providing more details about the DatawireStatus received.


public string DatawireReturnCode { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property DatawireReturnCode As String

Default Value



When a registration transaction has been successfully processed by the Datawire VXN, the DatawireStatus will be "OK" and the DatawireReturnCode will be "000". The following is a list of possible Datawire return codes:

000 Transaction successfully passed through the Datawire system to the FDMS Payment Processor and back.
006 Invalid session - The session context provided in the request is not valid or has expired.
008 Network Error - The request could not be processed.
200 Host Busy - The processor's Host is busy and is currently unable to service this request.
201 Host Unavailable - The processor's Host is currently unavailable. For example, the server is sending NAK.
202 Host Connect Error - Could not connect to the processor's Host.
203 Host Drop - The processor's Host disconnected during the transaction before sending a response.
204 Host Comm Error - An error was encountered while communicating with the processor's Host.
205 No Response - No response from the processor's Host
206 Host Send Error - An error has encountered when sending the request to the processor, and the Host daemon cannot continue sending packets to the processor because the connection is broken.
405 Vxn Timeout - The request could not be processed.
505 Network Error - The request could not be processed.

This property is read-only.

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