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VoucherAuthCode Property

Used to clear (force) a Food Stamp or eWIC voucher that was previously voice-authorized.


public string VoucherAuthCode { get; set; }
Public Property VoucherAuthCode As String

Default Value



If any aspect of the EBT system is down, the merchant may call the issuing state's processor for a voice authorization for Food Stamp and eWIC transactions only. The merchant must complete a Manual Voucher form (provided by FDMS or state EBT contractor) to obtain the authorization number, the voucher number and the client's signature. This puts a hold on the funds in the client's account for the amount of the voice authorization. To receive payment for the transaction, the merchant must process a VoucherClear transaction within ten days of the voice authorization.

Note that only Food Stamp and eWIC transactions may be voice-authorized; attempting to send a VoucherAuthCode or VoucherNumber in a VoucherClear transaction when the BenefitType is set to 0 - ebtCash will result in an error.

VoucherAuthCode is required in VoucherClear transactions.

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