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TransactionNumber Property

Uniquely identifies the transaction.


public string TransactionNumber { get; set; }
Public Property TransactionNumber As String

Default Value



The TransactionNumber (otherwise known as the Client Reference Number, or ClientRef) uniquely identifies the packet sent by the application to the Datawire system. This parameter stores some unique token of information, and is used to match the response to the initial request sent. For example, the client application could use a static counter that is increased with the each executed request.

For all components except FDMSGiftCard the maximum length of this property is 14 alphanumeric characters.

The FDMS recommended format is "tttttttVnnnnrrr" where ttttttt is a 7 digit transaction id, V is a constant, and nnn is a 3 digit version number and rrr is a 3 digit revision number. The 6 digit version number is typically static but unique for an application (Example: Version 2.5 = tttttttV002500).

For the Rapid Connect platform, the 6 character version number should be your Project/TPPID value. The entire TransactionNumber must be unique within a 24 hour time period.

The FDMSGiftCard also passes this value to the FDMS Closed Loop Gift Card system as a transaction id, and therefore the following restrictions are enforced: The maximum length is 7 characters. If the first character is an 'X', the remaining characters must be in the range '0' through 'F', indicating a hexadecimal number. Otherwise the FDMS Closed Loop Gift Card system only allows digits in this property.

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