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BatchNumber Property

Number identifying the batch (assigned by the POS device).


public int BatchNumber { get; set; }
Public Property BatchNumber As Integer

Default Value



This property is used to specify the number identifying the batch that the transaction will be processed in.

This is a consecutive numbering system assigned by the POS application that identifies a batch of transactions. The batch number must increment each time a batch is successfully closed. When the batch number reaches 9, it is the responsibility of the application to recycle the batch number to 0. The Host will allow a variety of sequencing of the batch number, but you cannot have the same batch number in consecutive batches. For example: The application can close batch 2 and open the next batch with number 5, but you cannot close batch 2 then re-open batch 2 without a different batch number in between. If you should receive a message of "INV BATCH SEQ", this usually indicates the current batch number is the same as the previous batch number closed or there is a batch still open on the Host and the application is trying to process a transaction with a different batch number. If a batch is left open for more than 45 days, (45 days from the open date, not last activity date), the system will automatically purge the batch and it will not be retrievable.

Valid values: 0-9

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