4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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EBTBalanceInquiry Method

Sends a Balance Inquiry request for EBT.


public void EBTBalanceInquiry();
Public Sub EBTBalanceInquiry()


This method sends an EBT Balance Inquiry request to the FDMS transaction processor, which returns the account balance via Balance. If the Balance Inquiry request was successful, Success will be True.

  OmahaRetail.Card.EntryDataSource = edsManualEntryTrack2Capable;
  OmahaRetail.Card.Number = "5076899999999999";
  OmahaRetail.Card.ExpMonth = 12;
  OmahaRetail.Card.ExpYear = 2049;
  OmahaRetail.DebitKSN = "876543210A005611119";
  OmahaRetail.DebitPIN = "8741F3581F20D1D1";

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