4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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DebitKSN Property

Clear-text Key Sequence Number, used for Debit and EBT transactions.


public string DebitKSN { get; set; }
Public Property DebitKSN As String

Default Value



A 19 or 20-byte Key Sequence Number (KSN) and associated DebitPIN are required for all Debit Sale and DebitRefund transactions. These values must be retrieved from a certified DUKPT DES pin pad device. A 20-byte Key Sequence Number consists of a 1-byte pad character ('F'), a 9-byte Base Derivation Key Id (BDK ID), a 5-byte device Id, and a 5-byte transaction counter. If this property is set with a Key Sequence Number less than 20 bytes in length, the component will pad it on the left with 'F' characters.

The DebitPIN and DebitKSN are not used for Food Stamp Voucher transactions.

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