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DebitRefund Method

Sends a Refund request for a Debit or EBT card.


public void DebitRefund();
Public Sub DebitRefund()


This method sends a Debit/EBT refund (return) request to the FDMS transaction processor, which returns funds to a Cardholder's account. If the Refund request was successful, Success will be True.

For Debit Card refunds, Track2 data will need to be set as well as the DebitKSN and DebitPIN.

For EBT transactions, EBTPaymentType will need to be set as well as the Track2 card data or card number, DebitKSN and DebitPIN. For Food Stamp Voucher transactions, you will need to set EBTVoucherCode and EBTVoucherNumber rather than DebitKSN and DebitPIN.

  OmahaRetail.TransactionNumber = 999;
  OmahaRetail.TransactionAmount = "1.00";
  OmahaRetail.Card.EntryDataSource = edsTrack2;
  OmahaRetail.Card.MagneticStripe = "4017779999999999=16041200000000001";
  OmahaRetail.DebitKSN = "876543210A005611119";
  OmahaRetail.DebitPIN = "8741F3581F20D1D1";
  if (OmahaRetail.ResponseSuccess) {   
    OmahaBatchMgr.DetailRecords.Add(new OmahaRecordType(OmahaRetail.GetDetailAggregate()));
Industry regulations do not allow merchants or processors to store track data in any form of persistent storage. Failure to abide by this regulation can result in significant fines and other penalties.

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