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AuthOnly Method

Sends an Authorization Only request.


public void AuthOnly();
Public Sub AuthOnly()


This method sends an authorization only request to the FDMS transaction processor, which reserves funds from the Cardholder's available credit (Open to Buy amount). The EntryDataSource field determines whether Track1, Track2, or manually entered card and expiration date are sent in the request. If the authorization request was successful, Success will be True.

An authorization blocks funds on the customer's credit card, but does not actually transfer funds. In order for funds to be transferred and the transaction completed, you must settle the transaction. To do this, you must pass an XML aggregate containing the results of the transaction to the OmahaDetailRecord component. You will then need to set the BatchNumber, TransactionNumber, and TransactionType to ttCapture. The DetailAggregate can then be added to the DetailRecords collection of the BatchMgr component to be used when the batch is closed.

  OmahaRetail.Card.MagneticStripe = "B4444333322221111^SMITH/JOHN M         ^031210100000033301000000008000000";
  OmahaRetail.Card.EntryDataSource = edsTrack1;  
  if (OmahaRetail.Response.Success) {    
    OmahaDetailRecord.BatchNumber = 1;
    OmahaDetailRecord.TransactionNumber = 1;
    OmahaDetailRecord.TransactionType = ttCapture;
    OmahaBatchMgr.DetailRecords.Add(new OmahaRecordType(OmahaDetailRecord.GetDetailAggregate()));
Industry regulations do not allow merchants or processors to store track data in any form of persistent storage. Failure to abide by this regulation can result in significant fines and other penalties.

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