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TransactionType Property

Indicates transaction type for this detail record.


public FdmsomahadetailrecordTransactionTypes TransactionType { get; set; }

enum FdmsomahadetailrecordTransactionTypes { ottCapture, ottRefund, ottRevise, ottVoid }
Public Property TransactionType As FdmsomahadetailrecordTransactionTypes

Enum FdmsomahadetailrecordTransactionTypes ottCapture ottRefund ottRevise ottVoid End Enum

Default Value



This property indicates the type of transaction that is being settled. The following table lists the industry types supported by this component.

ottCapture (0) Capture an AuthOnly transaction or perform a Force transaction.
ottRefund (1) Perform a Refund transaction (return funds to cardholder).
ottRevise (2) Revise a transaction (Only applicable for Sale, Refund, and Capture transactions).
ottVoid (3) Void a transaction.

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