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IndustryType Property

Code which indicates the industry the merchant is engaged in.


public FdmsomahadetailrecordIndustryTypes IndustryType { get; set; }

enum FdmsomahadetailrecordIndustryTypes { oitRetail, oitRestaurant, oitDirectMarketing }
Public Property IndustryType As FdmsomahadetailrecordIndustryTypes

Enum FdmsomahadetailrecordIndustryTypes oitRetail oitRestaurant oitDirectMarketing End Enum

Default Value



This property is used to identify the industry type of the merchant submitting the authorization request. The following table lists the industry types supported by this component.

oitRetail (0) Retail store.
oitRestaurant (1) Food / Restaurant.
oitDirectMarketing (2) eCommerce or Direct Marketing

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