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CloseBatch Method

Sends a Close Batch request.


public void CloseBatch();
Public Sub CloseBatch()


This method sends a close batch request to the FDMS transaction processor, which initiates the settlement of the transactions contained within the batch.

By default, prior to CloseBatch being called, all the detail aggregates for every transaction within the batch should be added to DetailRecords. These detail records are used by the component to send all offline transactions and compute the total transaction amounts for the batch (which are sent in the close batch request).

When CloseBatch is called, all the offline transactions (Voids, Revisions, etc) contained within DetailRecords will be sent prior to the actual close batch request. After all the offline transactions have been sent, the batch close message is sent. If the Host is out-of-balance with the Total Amount specified (which is calculated by the component based on the information contained within the DetailRecords), the Host may request an inquiry to synchronize all transactions. If such a case occurs, the component will handle all inquiries and respond accordingly based on the request and information contained within DetailRecords. Once the host is in sync, the Host will send the close batch response and Response will be populated. Success will be true if the batch was successfully closed.

Note: TransactionNumber must be one greater than the number of Credit Card transactions and must also be less than the number of Debit/EBT Card transactions within the batch.

Note under specific circumstances, it may be advantageous for you to manually handle batch amounts and polling or revision inquiries (rather then adding all the transaction aggregates to DetailRecords). To do this, you can set the following configuration settings CreditBatchAmount, DebitBatchCount, and DebitBatchAmount. When these configuration settings are set, the component does not compute batch amount totals and thus only the offline transaction aggregates need to be added to DetailRecords. If a revision or specific poll inquiry is requested by the host, rather than the component automatically sending a response based on the DetailRecords, the RevisionInquiry or SpecificPoll events will fire. Within these events, you will be required to set the information requested which will be used to send the inquiry response.

OmahaBatchMgr.BatchNumber = 1;
OmahaBatchMgr.TransactionNumber = 10;

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