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DataPacketOut Event

Fired when sending a data packet to the transaction server.


public event OnDataPacketOutHandler OnDataPacketOut;

public delegate void OnDataPacketOutHandler(object sender, FdmsomahabatchmgrDataPacketOutEventArgs e);

public class FdmsomahabatchmgrDataPacketOutEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string DataPacket { get; }
public byte[] DataPacketB { get; } }
Public Event OnDataPacketOut As OnDataPacketOutHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnDataPacketOutHandler(sender As Object, e As FdmsomahabatchmgrDataPacketOutEventArgs)

Public Class FdmsomahabatchmgrDataPacketOutEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property DataPacket As String
Public ReadOnly Property DataPacketB As Byte() End Class


This event fires right before each data packet is sent. The entire data packet (including all framing and error detection characters) is contained in the parameter "DataPacket". This parameter may be inspected for advanced troubleshooting, or may be modified to support additional features beyond the scope of this component.

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