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GetHotelDataAggregate Method

Returns an aggregate containing the Hotel/Lodging data of this transaction, which is then used for reversals.


public string GetHotelDataAggregate();
Public Function GetHotelDataAggregate() As String


This method returns an aggregate containing all of the hotel/lodging industry data to reverse a transaction. This aggregate must be passed to the FDMSReversal component's HotelDataAggregate config in order to reverse the transaction.

The industry data included in the aggregate is:

An example of how this method is used is shown below:

  if (FDMSRetail.ResponseCaptureFlag) {
    // Set Additional FDMSReverse properties as shown within the FDMSReverse help 
    FDMSReverse.Config("HotelDataAggregate=" + FDMSRetail.GetHotelDataAggregate());

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