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VisaIdentifier Property

Additional merchant identification field used when authorizing Visa transactions.


public string VisaIdentifier { get; set; }
Public Property VisaIdentifier As String

Default Value



In conjunction with Visa regulatory change(s), First Data will require the Agent Identification Service from all Third Party Servicers (TPS) or Merchant Servicers (MS). Each 19-byte Visa Agent Identifier in the chain is composed of the following pieces:

First 2 bytes: This is the Visa Id, which at the time of this writing should always be "0B"
Next 5 bytes: Visa Business Identifier (BID)
Final 12 bytes: Text representation of the hexadecimal Visa secret Agent Unique Account Result (AUAR).. {0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0xFF} will be represented as "0102030405FF".

If there are multiple visa identifiers they may be added by setting VisaIdentifier with a comma-delimited list. There can be a maximum of three entries in this list.

A VisaIdentifier (Agent Identification Service - AUAR) is required for Visa transactions. A VisaIdentifier value is assigned by Visa as part of their Trusted Agent Program (TAP). Therefore it is suggested that you contact your FDMS certification analyst as they should be able to provide you with further information and put you in contact with the required party at Visa. Unfortunately more specific information on this matter cannot be provided as we do not handle live customer data and thus are not required to register in this particular program. However below is some additional information in regards to the requirements of a Visa Identifier.

Any merchant that transmits, processes, or stores cardholder data on server(s) that you own, manage, or operate on behalf of your clients (who are other merchant account holders) must meet the PCI Data Security Standard and follow additional steps to register as a service provider. Applicable services commonly include webhosting, software as a service, or collecting payment on behalf of a client. Any company providing these services must register with Visa's Third Party Agent (TAP) program.

You can register for the Visa Third Party Agent Program at http://usa.visa.com/merchants/risk_management/third-party-registration.html

If you find that you are not required to register with this program you can send the following value for VisaIdentifier:

0B     000000000000

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