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TotalMedicalAmount Property

Sum total of all medical item amounts.


public string TotalMedicalAmount { get; set; }
Public Property TotalMedicalAmount As String

Default Value



This property is required when submitting a Healthcare Auto-substantiation transaction, and should indicate the sum total of all VisionAmounts, PrescriptionAmounts, ClinicAmounts, and DentalAmounts, plus any additional healthcare-related charges that do not fall under those categories. The category-specific amounts are optional, but at the minimum the TotalMedicalAmount must be present for Healthcare auto-substantiation (it may be "0", but it may not be left blank). If other amounts are present, the TotalMedicalAmount must be greater than or equal to the total of all other amounts.

If the transaction is only for healthcare related costs, the TotalMedicalAmount should be equal to the TransactionAmount However, it is possible to authorize a transaction that includes non-healthcare items, where the TransactionAmount is higher than the TotalMedicalAmount. if the TotalMedicalAmount exceeds the TransactionAmount the component will throws an exception.

This amount is to be presented with an implied decimal point. For example, US $10.00 must be represented as 1000, and $0.10 is likewise simply 10. The allowable number of significant digits as well as the positioning of any implied decimal point is dictated by the designated CurrencyCode configuration setting. In the United States (default), the number of allowable significant digits is seven. Thus the maximum TransactionAmount is "9999999", yielding a US dollar amount of $99,999.99. This field may not contain a negative number.

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