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TPPID Property

Third Party Processor Identifier assigned by FDMS.


public string TPPID { get; set; }
Public Property TPPID As String

Default Value



The Third Party Processor Identifier (TPPID. Also sometimes referred to as a "Vendor Id") is assigned by FDMS to each third party who is processing transactions. Each merchant will receive his own TPPID from FDMS. If there are multiple third parties involved in the transaction flow, additional TPPID's are required. These may be added by setting the TPPID property with a comma-delimited list. The first entry should always be the servicer that sends the transaction to FDMS. Each subsequent servicer should be identified where they are in the chain. There can be a maximum of three entries in this list.

The default value for 4D Payments, Inc. on the North and Nashville platforms is "V4D001".

Note: This value will be reset to the default value when FDMSPlatform is set.

A VisaIdentifier is also required for Visa transactions.

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