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Response Property

Contains the response returned from the FDMS Closed Loop Gift Card system.


public FDMSGiftResponse Response { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Response As FDMSGiftResponse


This property will contain the response returned from the FDMS server. It should be inspected (and logged) after an authorization to determine if the transaction was approved. The FDMSGiftResponse type contains the following fields:

ApprovalCode Contains an authorization code if the transaction has been approved.
CardClass Identifies the class of the gift card used in the transaction.
CardExpDate Contains the expiration date of the gift card.
CashBack Indicates the amount of change to return to the customer.
Code Indicates the status of the authorization request.
DatawireReturnCode Contains an error code providing more details about the DatawireStatus received.
DatawireStatus Contains the status of the communication with Datawire.
LockAmount Contains the amount that is locked and cannot be used.
NewBalance Contains the balance on the card reflected immediately after this transaction.
PreviousBalance Contains the balance that was on the gift card before this transaction completed.
ReferenceNumber Contains the reference or customer number that was submitted in the request.
SystemTrace Contains a number used to trace the transaction.
Text Contains a human-readable description of the response Code.

This property is read-only.

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