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RedemptionType Property

Identifies the type of redemption to execute.


public FdmsgiftcardRedemptionTypes RedemptionType { get; set; }

enum FdmsgiftcardRedemptionTypes { rtNormalRedemption, rtPartialRedemption, rtCashOut, rtRedemptionWithUnlock }
Public Property RedemptionType As FdmsgiftcardRedemptionTypes

Enum FdmsgiftcardRedemptionTypes rtNormalRedemption rtPartialRedemption rtCashOut rtRedemptionWithUnlock End Enum

Default Value



This property is used by the RedeemCard method to indicate the type of charge to make against the gift card account. The valid redemption types include:

rtNormalRedemption (0)A normal redemption request removes the TransactionAmount from the gift card. Requests exceeding the balance of the gift card will be declined.

Note when IsRetailTransaction is set to 'False', this RedemptionType is not supported by the Internet spec and thus the component will internally set RedemptionType to rtPartialRedemption. Please see the below description for further information about this type.

rtPartialRedemption (1)This type allows the merchant to authorize a redemption for a TransactionAmount greater than the balance remaining on the gift card. At this point the account balance will be reduced to zero, a split tender should be prompted, and the account may be closed. A split tender means the customer pays the difference between the requested TransactionAmount and the amount that was actually removed from the gift card. After a successful partial redemption, the merchant is responsible for determining how much was actually taken from the account by inspecting the Response PreviousBalance and NewBalance fields. Should the customer be unable to tender the remaining balance, the merchant must return the gift card to the previous state by performing a void using the VoidTransaction method.
rtCashOut (2)When using this redemption type, no TransactionAmount should be sent with the RedeemCard call. Instead, the full amount on the card will be redeemed, and the card balance will be reduced to zero. The merchant is responsible for determining the amount of cash to tender to the customer by inspecting the Response PreviousBalance field. After a cash out the account may be closed.
rtRedemptionWithUnlock (3)This transaction can be performed after a LockCard transaction, to complete the purchase on a gift card and unlock any remaining balance. The specified TransactionAmount will be removed from the balance of the gift card. To unlock a gift card without affecting the balance of the gift card, send a "0" in the TransactionAmount. If the TransactionAmount is less than was originally locked with the LockCard method, the new amount will be removed from the card. The difference will be unlocked and returned to the card balance. However, note that any attempt to redeem more than the locked amount will result in an error.

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