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LockType Property

Indicates the type of lock requested by the LockCard method.


public FdmsgiftcardLockTypes LockType { get; set; }

enum FdmsgiftcardLockTypes { ltFullLock, ltPartialLock }
Public Property LockType As FdmsgiftcardLockTypes

Enum FdmsgiftcardLockTypes ltFullLock ltPartialLock End Enum

Default Value



This property is only used when locking funds on a card. If set to ltFullLock (default), the full balance on the gift card will be locked, and the customer will be unable to use funds on the card until the card is unlocked by setting RedemptionType to rtRedemptionWithUnlock and calling RedeemCard.

If set to ltPartialLock, only the amount indicated by the TransactionAmount property is locked. Any remaining funds on the card may be used for other purchases.

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