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LockCard Method

Locks funds on a gift card.


public void LockCard();
Public Sub LockCard()


This transaction will lock funds on a gift card. The LockType property determines if you want to lock the full amount on the card, or a lesser amount indicated by the TransactionAmount you specify. If you lock the full amount the customer will be unable to use the card until the funds are unlocked. If you request a partial lock, the customer will still be able to make purchases on the card, unless a purchase would cause the balance on the card to drop below the locked amount. For example, if a customer uses a gift card at a restaurant, you do not know the gratuity beforehand, so you may wish to lock the amount of the bill plus 20% for any tip he might leave.

Use the RedeemCard method with the RedemptionType set to rtRedemptionWithUnlock, to unlock the card. If you made a partial lock, the TransactionAmount for this redemption must be less than or equal to the locked amount, or the transaction will be declined.

Note: A full lock also requires the TransactionAmount property to be sent in the request. If the gift card balance is less than the requested TransactionAmount, the lock transaction will be declined.

The Response Code and Text fields indicate whether this transaction was successful.

Important Note: You must ping your list of service provider URLs and update the URL property to the service provider with the shortest response time every 100 transactions, as well as when your application initially starts. This is not a normal ICMP ping - to determine the fastest transaction URL you must use the special Ping method inside the FDMSRegister component. (You may update your list of service provider URLs with the FDMSRegister component's ServiceDiscovery method).

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