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TransactionType Property

Specifies the type of transaction to process.


public FdmsecommerceTransactionTypes TransactionType { get; set; }

enum FdmsecommerceTransactionTypes { dmtECommerce, dmtMOTO, dmtRecurring, dmtInstallment }
Public Property TransactionType As FdmsecommerceTransactionTypes

Enum FdmsecommerceTransactionTypes dmtECommerce dmtMOTO dmtRecurring dmtInstallment End Enum

Default Value



The following types of transactions are supported by this component:

dmtECommerce (0)This is an E-Commerce transaction, and consists of goods or services sold online over the Internet.
dmtMOTO (1)This is a Mail Order or Telephone Order transaction, and consists of goods sold through the mail or over the phone.
dmtRecurring (2)This is a recurring payment, such as a magazine subscription or health club membership.
dmtInstallment (3)This is an installment payment. For example, "Three easy payments of $19.95".

All of these transactions are card-not-present transactions. If you wish to authorize card-present transactions, you must use the FDMSRetail component.

To settle a transaction authorized with the ttInstallment TransactionType, you must use the FDMSDetailRecord component to add the number of this installment and the total count of all installments to be made. For instance, if the purchase was for "Three easy payments of $19.95", and this is the first payment, then the installment number will be 1, and the installment count 3. An example is included below:

  FDMSECommerce.TransactionType = ttInstallment
  FDMSECommerce.TransactionAmount = "1995"

  FDMSDetailRecord.ParseAggregate FDMSECommerce.GetDetailAggregate()
  FDMSDetailRecord.InstallmentCount = 3
  FDMSDetailRecord.InstallmentNumber = 1
  FDMSSettle.DetailRecords.Add(new FDMSRecordType(FDMSDetailRecord.GetDetailAggregate()))

NOTE: For Recurring and Installment transactions you need to set the SubmissionType configuration setting to indicate if this is a first or subsequent submission.

NOTE: TransactionTypes of dmtECommerce(0) and dmtMOTO(1) should match the IndustryType accordingly.

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