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CashWithdrawal Method

Withdraws cash from a cash benefits account.


public void CashWithdrawal();
Public Sub CashWithdrawal()


This method is used when a customer wishes to withdraw funds from his cash benefit account. This is called a "Cash Only" transaction. There is no item purchased, and the TransactionAmount the customer may withdraw is not to be limited. The customer is permitted to access the remaining available balance in the account. Track2 and PIN entry are required.

This method is only for use with the Cash Benefits BenefitType.

Important Note: You must ping your list of service provider URLs and update the URL property to the service provider with the shortest response time every 100 transactions, as well as when your application initially starts. This is not a normal ICMP ping - to determine the fastest transaction URL you must use the special Ping method inside the FDMSRegister component. (You may update your list of service provider URLs with the FDMSRegister component's ServiceDiscovery method).

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