4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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URL Property

Location of the server to which requests are sent.


public string URL { get; set; }
Public Property URL As String

Default Value



This is the URL to which all requests are sent. The default value is "https://staging1.datawire.net/sd/".

FDMS Rapid Connect

This URL is acquired by using the FDMSRegister component. Once you Register and Activate the merchant using the FDMSRegister component, you may then do a Service Discovery. After sending a Service Discovery transaction, the Datawire system will return a list of transaction URLs. The URL from this list with the shortest round-trip transit time from a ping is the URL you should use here.


The URL is provided by Paymentech. The test server URL is "https://netconnectvar1.chasepaymentech.com/NetConnect/controller".

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