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TrackShipment Method

Returns tracking data for requested idValue of IdentifierType type.


public void TrackShipment(string idValue);
Public Sub TrackShipment(ByVal idValue As String)


The idValue parameter identifies the shipment. This identifier can be of IdentifierType type. Some identifiers apply to a single package (such as package tracking number, package reference etc.), while others apply to multiple packages or shipments (such as master tracking number, shipment reference, etc.) which they are part of. The idValue must be alphanumeric.

The following properties can be sent in the request:

If UPS system does not locate any data for the requested idValue, an error message will be returned. The full server reply will be saved to RawResponse.

Upon successful response, the server will return tracking events for each package included in the shipment, and other values tied to that package. For example, if a shipment contained four packages, the query response would show all four packages.

The following fields may be populated upon method return:

If there is a problem with a specific idValue within the request, the response will raise an error that pertains to the specific idValue.

For more details on errors codes and descriptions, please refer to the Error Codes section.

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