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Notification Event

Notification returned by the server upon successful request (if applicable).


public event OnNotificationHandler OnNotification;

public delegate void OnNotificationHandler(object sender, UpstrackNotificationEventArgs e);

public class UpstrackNotificationEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Message { get; }
Public Event OnNotification As OnNotificationHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnNotificationHandler(sender As Object, e As UpstrackNotificationEventArgs)

Public Class UpstrackNotificationEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Message As String
End Class


When sending a request, the server may return with a successful reply or an error. However, even when a transaction is successful, a warning or a note might still be returned by the server. In such cases, the Notification event is fired.

Notifications returned through this event are non-fatal and shipments will still be processes, labels will still be printable, rates are still returned, etc. These notifications should be treated as informational only.

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