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Welcome to QuickBooks Integrator, a comprehensive suite of Internet-enabled components for QuickBooks (QBXML) Integration. Includes easy-to-use components for accessing QuickBooks constructs and automating accounting tasks. Supports connectivity with all Windows based QuickBooks applications.

Modules Included

AccountThe Account component manages QuickBooks accounts.
AddressAn Address represents a geographical address.
AdjustInventoryThe AdjustInventory component is used to adjust your inventory.
BillA Bill indicates that the QuickBooks company owes money to a VENDOR . A Bill is the opposite of a VENDORCREDIT .
BillPaymentThe BILLPAYMENT component provides the functionality found in the Pay Bills form in the QuickBooks UI.
CCChargeA CCCharge is used to record point-of-receipt credit card charges.
CCCreditA CCCredit is used to record credit card refunds.
CheckA Check is used to record point-of-receipt payments.
CompanyThe Company component is used to retrieve information about the QuickBooks company.
CreditMemoA CreditMemo indicates that a CUSTOMER is owed money by the QuickBooks company. A CreditMemo is the opposite of an INVOICE .
CustomerA Customer is anyone who buys goods or services from the QuickBooks company.
DepositA Deposit is used to record and query deposits to an account.
EmployeeAn Employee is anyone who works for the QuickBooks company.
EstimateAn Estimate is a description of a sale that the company proposes to make to a CUSTOMER .
InvoiceAn Invoice indicates that a CUSTOMER owes money to the QuickBooks company. An Invoice is the opposite of a CREDITMEMO .
ItemThe Item component is used to add any of eight types of items to QuickBooks's item list. It may also get item data, and in some cases, may modify it as well.
ItemReceiptthe ITEMRECEIPT component allows you to add and edit an item receipt transaction, which is a transaction entered in QuickBooks when a shipment is received from a vendor.
JournalEntryA JournalEntry represents a general journal entry made directly in the company's chart of accounts.
LineItemGroupsGenerates a group aggregate for use in another component's Update request.
ObjSearchObjSearch is used to search the QuickBooks database.
PriceLevelA PriceLevel is used to specify custom pricing.
PurchaseOrderA PurchaseOrder is used to order goods from a VENDOR .
QBConnectorThe QBCONNECTOR component is a utility that allows you to connect your QuickBooks Integrator applications to remote QuickBooks instances.
QBListsUsed to add various List Items.
QBObjectA generic QuickBooks object, allowing users to extend the product's functionality.
QBWCServerThe QBWCServer component is used to communicate with QuickBooks Web Connector from your application.
ReceivePaymentThe ReceivePayment component is used to receive payments from customers.
SalesOrderA SalesOrder is used in place of an INVOICE when not all goods have been shipped.
SalesReceiptA SalesReceipt is used to record point-of-sale payments.
StatementChargeThe STATEMENTCHARGE component allows you to add and modify individual charges on a customer's statement.
TimeTrackingThe TimeTracking component is used to track employees' time.
VendorA Vendor is anyone from whom the QuickBooks company buys goods or services.
VendorCreditA VendorCredit indicates that the QuickBooks company is owed money by a VENDOR . A VendorCredit is the opposite of a BILL .

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