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DeactivateDevice Method

Deactivates a POS terminal.


public void DeactivateDevice();
Public Sub DeactivateDevice()


DeactivateDevice is used to deactivate a previously activated terminal identified by GenKey.

The following Merchant fields are applicable when calling this method:

The following additional properties are also applicable:

After calling this method check Code and confirm it is "A3" to indicate the deactivation succeeded. The following Response fields are populated:

DeactivateDevice Example:

TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.BankId = "999999";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.CategoryCode = "9999";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.Name = "TESTMERCHANT";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.Number = "888000002447";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.StoreNumber = "5999";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.TerminalNumber = "1234";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.Zip = "27516";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.Merchant.ServicePhone = "6023337807";
TSYSTerminalMgr1.TransactionNumber = 1234;
TSYSTerminalMgr1.GenKey = "MY_GEN_KEY";

if (TSYSTerminalMgr1.Response.Code == "A3") //deactivated

.NET Standard Notes

To call this method in an asynchronous manner call DeactivateDeviceAsync instead. When the method completes (or an error is encountered) the DeactivateDeviceCompleted event will fire.

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