4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
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PrestigiousIndicator Property

Prestigious Lodging Program indicator for the Hotel Industry Type.


Public Property PrestigiousIndicator As TsysretailPrestigiousIndicators

public TsysretailPrestigiousIndicators PrestigiousIndicator {get; set;}

enum TsysretailPrestigiousIndicators { piNotParticipating, pi500Limit, pi1000Limit, pi1500Limit }


This indicator is used by participants in Visa's Prestigious Lodging Program. A transaction amount of "100" should be entered in the request if the merchant wishes the transaction to participate in the Visa Prestigious Property Program. Valid indicators include:

piNotParticipating (0)Non-Participating Property
pi500Limit (1)Prestigious Property with $500 Limit
pi1000Limit (2)Prestigious Property with $1000 Limit
pi1500Limit (3)Prestigious Property with $1500 Limit

This property is only valid for the Hotel IndustryType and will be ignored for all other industries.

Default Value


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