4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
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PartialRedemption Property

Partial Redemption indicator.


Public Property PartialRedemption As Boolean

public bool PartialRedemption {get; set;}


If the customer does not have enough on his stored value card to cover the complete cost of the purchase, the merchant may request that the host perform a partial redemption. The stored value card will be used to fund as much of the transaction as possible, and the remainder may be funded by some other form of payment. When PartialRedemption is set to True, the host will supply the actual amount authorized from the stored value card in the AuthorizedAmount property.

Note that the AuthorizedAmount will only contain a value if PartialRedemption is set to True, and will remain blank otherwise. If the Stored Value card has a zero balance before submitting this transaction, it will be declined regardless of the value of PartialRedemption.

Default Value


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