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ParseAggregate Method

Parses the aggregate returned from another component's GetDetailAggregate method.


public void ParseAggregate(string aggregate);
Public Sub ParseAggregate(ByVal Aggregate As String)


This method takes the XML aggregate returned from the TSYSRetail or TSYSECommerce component, parses it, and then fills all the properties of the DetailRecord component. While normally you can pass the results of the GetDetailAggregate method call directly to the TSYSSettle component, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the contents of the XML aggregate first.

For example, to add a gratuity to a charge:

  DetailRecord.Gratuity = "500"
  DetailRecord.SettlementAmount = DetailRecord.AuthorizedAmount + DetailRecord.Gratuity
  TSYSSettle.DetailAggregate[0] = DetailRecord.GetDetailAggregate()

.NET Standard Notes

To call this method in an asynchronous manner call ParseAggregateAsync instead. When the method completes (or an error is encountered) the ParseAggregateCompleted event will fire.

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