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VoucherSale Method

Used to clear (force) a food stamp voucher that was previously voice-authorized.


public void VoucherSale(string authCode, string voucherNumber);
Public Sub VoucherSale(ByVal AuthCode As String, ByVal VoucherNumber As String)


If any aspect of the EBT system is down, the merchant may call the issuing state's processor for a voice authorization for Food Stamp transactions only. The merchant must complete a Manual Voucher form (provided by Global Payments or state EBT contractor) to obtain the authorization number, the voucher number and the client's signature. This puts a hold on the funds in the client's account for the amount of the voice authorization. To receive payment for the transaction, the merchant must process a Voucher Clear transaction within ten days of the voice authorization. To send a voucher clear/voucher sale, just call this method with the AuthCode and VoucherNumber parameters set.

Note that only food stamp transactions may be voice-authorized, attempting to call this method when the BenefitType is set to Cash Benefits will result in an error.

.NET Standard Notes

To call this method in an asynchronous manner call VoucherSaleAsync instead. When the method completes (or an error is encountered) the VoucherSaleCompleted event will fire.

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