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GetAddendum Method

Returns a Level 2 Purchasing card addendum based on the specified CardType .


public string GetAddendum();
Public Function GetAddendum() As String


The properties required to build a Level 2 addendum depends upon the value of the CardType property. The following tables indicate which properties are valid for what card type:

American Express



The following example illustrates how to add Level 2 data to a transaction to be settled:


  FDMSLevel2.CardType = ctVisa
  FDMSLevel2.CommercialCardType = FDMSECommerce.ResponseCommercialCard  
  FDMSLevel2.OrderDate = "060828" 'September 28th, 2006
  FDMSLevel2.FreightTaxAmount = "0"
  FDMSLevel2.FreightAmount = "600"
  FDMSLevel2.PurchaseIdentifier = "123456PURCHID"
  FDMSLevel2.InvoiceNumber = "CUSTCODE"
  FDMSLevel2.ShippedToZip = "90210"
  FDMSLevel2.ShippedFromZip = "90210"
  FDMSLevel2.TaxAmount = "120"

  FDMSSettle.DetailRecords.Add(New FDMSRecordType(FDMSECommerce.GetDetailAggregate(), FDMSLevel2.GetAddendum()))

.NET Standard Notes

To call this method in an asynchronous manner call GetAddendumAsync instead. When the method completes (or an error is encountered) the GetAddendumCompleted event will fire.

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