4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
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AVSAndCVVOnly Method

Performs an AVS/CVV only check using the specified Card data.


Public Sub AVSAndCVVOnly()
public void AVSAndCVVOnly();


This methods allows you to perform an AVS/CVV only request for verification purposes using the specified Card data. This does not authorize any funds on the card and only performs an AVS and CVV check. The TransactionAmount must be 0 for this transaction.

Note: For Retail transactions the EntryDataSource must be set to a manual entry value for this transaction.

	FDMSHotel.Card.EntryDataSource = EntryDataSources.edsManualEntryTrack1Capable;
  FDMSHotel.Card.Number = "4444333322221111";
  FDMSHotel.Card.ExpMonth = 9;
  FDMSHotel.Card.ExpYear = 2015;
  FDMSHotel.Card.CVVData = "999";
  FDMSHotel.CustomerAddress = "123 Nowhere Ln";
  FDMSHotel.CustomerZip = "90210";
  FDMSHotel.TransactionAmount = "0";

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