4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
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DirectMarketingType Property

Specifies the type of transaction to process.


Public Property DirectMarketingType As FdmsdetailrecordDirectMarketingTypes

public FdmsdetailrecordDirectMarketingTypes DirectMarketingType {get; set;}

enum FdmsdetailrecordDirectMarketingTypes { dmECommerce, dmMOTO, dmRecurring, dmInstallment }


The following types of transactions are supported by this component:

dmECommerce (0)This is an E-Commerce transaction, and consists of goods or services sold online over the Internet.
dmMOTO (1)This is a Mail Order or Telephone Order transaction, and consists of goods sold through the mail or over the phone.
dmRecurring (2)This is a recurring payment, such as a magazine subscription or health club membership.
dmInstallment (3)This is an installment payment. For example, "Three easy payments of $19.95".

The value of this property will be ignored when the IndustryType is anything other than itDirectMarketing.

Default Value


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