4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition
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FDMSDetailRecord Configuration

The component accepts one or more of the following configuration settings. Configuration settings are similar in functionality to properties, but they are rarely used. In order to avoid "polluting" the property namespace of the component, access to these internal properties is provided through the Config method.

FDMSDetailRecord Configuration Settings

MSDI:   Market Specific Data Indicator.

The Market Specific Data Indicator (MSDI) will be "M" for Medical/Healthcare Auto-substantiation transactions, and " " (space) for all other transactions. The MSDI value is automatically passed from the FDMSRetail and FDMSECommerce components to the FDMSSettle or FDMSDetailRecord components via the GetDetailAggregate methods. This config is exposed to allow the user manual control over the contents of the MSDI.

CurrencyCode:   Currency Code for this transaction.

This field contains a three digit number assigned by the signing member or processor to identify the merchant's authorization currency. For US Dollars, use "840".

DCCIndicator:   Status of the Dynamic Currency Conversion.

The available values are:

Value Description
"" [Empty String] (default) Not a DCC transaction
1 Converted
2 Not convertible
3 Convertible but declined by the cardholder
4 Reserved for future use

DCCTimeZone:   The time zone of the merchant where the DCC transaction is taking place.

Valid values range from '-12' to '+12", deviation in hours from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), based on merchant time zone. If the merchant were located in GMT, the value would be '+00' or '-00'.

DCCConversionRate:   The DCC Conversion rate.

The conversion rate used to convert the TransactionAmount into the Dynamic Currency Conversion amount. The conversion rate must be the most current rate available from FEXCO. These rates are not obtained by the component and must be retrieved using some other method. Note: Four decimal positions implied.

DCCUSAmount:   The US Dollar Amount for a DCC transaction.

This config will contain the US Dollar Amount for a DCC transaction. When performing a DCC transaction, TransactionAmount will contain the converted amount and should equal the US Dollar Amount multiplied by the DCCConversionRate.

Base Configuration Settings

GUIAvailable:   Tells the component whether or not a message loop is available for processing events.

In a GUI-based application, long-running blocking operations may cause the application to stop responding to input until the operation returns. The component will attempt to discover whether or not the application has a message loop and, if one is discovered, it will process events in that message loop during any such blocking operation.

In some non-GUI applications an invalid message loop may be discovered that will result in errant behavior. In these cases, setting GuiAvailable to false will ensure that the component does not attempt to process external events.

UseBackgroundThread:   Whether threads created by the component are background threads.

If set to True, when the component creates a thread the thread's IsBackground property will be explicitly set to True. By default this setting is False.

UseInternalSecurityAPI:   Tells the component whether or not to use the system security libraries or an internal implementation.

By default the component will use the system security libraries to perform cryptographic functions. When set to False calls to unmanaged code will be made. In certain environments this is not desirable. To use a completely managed security implementation set this setting to True. Setting this to True tells the component to use the internal implementation instead of using the system's security API.

Note: This setting is static. The value set is applicable to all components used in the application.

When this value is set the product's system DLL is no longer required as a reference, as all unmanaged code is stored in that file.

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