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SearchCriteria Property

The criteria to be used to find FedEx Locations.


public FedexaddressSearchCriterias SearchCriteria { get; set; }

enum FedexaddressSearchCriterias { sctAddress, sctGeographicCoordinates, sctPhoneNumber }
Public Property SearchCriteria As FedexaddressSearchCriterias

Enum FedexaddressSearchCriterias sctAddress sctGeographicCoordinates sctPhoneNumber End Enum

Default Value



This specifies what criteria is to be used to search for FedEx locations when FindLocations is called.

If sctAddress is specified, the Address, must be set. Likewise, if sctGeographicCoordinates is specified, GeographicCoordinates must be set and if sctPhoneNumber is specified PhoneNumber must be set.

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