4D Shipping SDK 2020 .NET Edition

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ShipperAccountNumber Property

Account number associated with shipment.


public string ShipperAccountNumber { get; set; }
Public Property ShipperAccountNumber As String

Default Value



This indicates the account number associated with shipment (as opposed to the AccountNumber, which is that of party sending the request).

For FedEx, when providing the ShipperAccountNumber, the server will return all packages matching the search criteria and associated with this account. If account is not specified, then the CountryCode and ZipCode (applicable countries) are required. The Reply data may be restricted if ShipperAccountNumber is not provided.

For UPS, this can be provided in a track request to narrow down the search results. It can also be returned in the server response when the TrackShipment method is called.

This is not used by the USPS component.

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