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ShipDateEnd Property

End of ship date range used to narrow search.


public string ShipDateEnd { get; set; }
Public Property ShipDateEnd As String

Default Value



For FedEx, this property value is optional to be entered in a track request (when the TrackShipment is called), but recommended as limits the results to this range. If not provided, results may vary. In this case, FedEx will default to a range that may not be useful for the search. If provided, ShipDateStart is required. Format: YYYY-MM-DD.

For UPS, This is the end of the pickup date range used to narrow down the search, and is optional. However, this is considered in the request only if ShipDateStart is set as well. Otherwise, it will be disregarded. Format: YYYYMMDD.

This property is not applicable to USPS requests.

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